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Bulk SMS messaging is one of the fastest growing communication formats in the world and has brought this indispensable tool to you with its fast, reliable and quality service. 

It doesn't matter who you are! Companies, clubs, celebrations, religious organization individuals have discovered the power of contacting clients and friends quickly and economically through the power of SMS messages directly to cell phones.

Now YOU too can!

We offer high quality and reliable SMS services at outstanding prices!
Check out our Customer Service; rated as Excellent



This service has unlimited potential and is perfect for communicating with individuals and companies to send  messgaes to: members of clubs or societies, schools,  churches, mosques, banks, wedding invitation, birthdays, follow-up, goodwill messages, political awareness, trade alert, event notifications, sales promotion, launching of new products, campaign management, brand awareness, sales personnel in the field, organizing and announcing events and so much more!

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